firearms safety

By: Brock Lecomte and Karter Maroszek

A little about firearm safety

Firearms causes the most accidents unless you know firearm safety. Firearm safety is one of the top things you want to know if you want to hunt with a firearm. Firearm safety is a good thing to know. Firearms are not just guns a firearm is described as a weapon fire by gunpowder. All of these things we said is a factor of how to prevent accidents with a firearm.

Other Rules of Firearm Safety

5 things to prevent firearm related death

Don't sleep with a loaded firearm in your bedroom if you sleepwalk, have nightmares, sleep restlessly or have other sleep problems

Be alert at all times; never shoot if you're tired, cold or impaired in any way. Don't mix alcohol or drugs with shooting

Safeguard your sight, hearing and health. Always wear eye and ear protection. Endeavor to limit your exposure to heavy metal particulates and gases, and minimize your contact with aromatic organic solvents (such as those commonly used in gun cleaning products).

Positively identify your target and the threat it poses before firing at it

Never shoot across a highway or other roadway

5 facts About fire Arms safety

About 28,736 people die from guns each year,about 16,603 are suicides, about 11,250 are homicides, about 661 are accident and about 222 are unknown intents.

U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms.

Within 100 people in the US there are 90 guns owned by one of these 100 people.

The most deadly shooting was at Virginia Tech

89% drop in burglaries since concealed carry

Remington Model 7 Aftermarket trigger safety failure. Deadly Misfire!
TrainASDI .308 Remington 700 VTR into Ballistic Gel


All in all firearms are a very deadly thing not meant to be messed with