MEC/HBP NewsLetter

April 2nd, 2021 - Week 9 of 9 for Q3

Principals Message:

A Note from Roger Fink, Interim Admin at MEC/HBP -

Dear Students and Families,

I hope that you all had a wonderful spring break, that you will enjoy this Easter weekend, and that you are able to spend quality time with family and friends as spring is most certainly here.

2021 is flying by as we wrap up Q3 and prepare for Q4 and our return to in-person learning with the Hybrid / Interactive Livestream format. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, clients, and youth within the MEC/HBP programs. There is so much information to share, so let's get to it:

Hybrid learning for all HS students begins in just two weeks - Monday, April 19th. Here is the HS Family Letter with a Survey link as well - please complete the survey so that we hear your concerns and hopes as we plan. Even if you have already completed the survey and stated a response, you are absolutely welcome to change your mind and allow your student to attend in person / Hybrid, or to remain at home and continue learning through CDL. We support your decision and your knowledge about what is best for your student. At this time, we are planning to welcome in this format and schedule:

* Students 9-12, last name A-L = Mondays and Thursdays at HBP

* Students 9-12, last name M-Z = Tuesdays and Fridays at HBP

More specifically, if you wish your student to return as listed above, they will (if the last name begins with 'A' for example) participate in Hybrid / Interactive Livestream on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday and Friday will remain Synchronous learning at home in CDL, and Wednesdays for all students will remain the same - Asynchronous learning at home. While each student in HBP has access to transportation/bussing (as long as they are in-district), students enrolled in GED are invited and welcomed for testing, however, students must arrange their own transportation to and from school. Please communicate with your GED Teacher for more information. Regardless, we hope to see many faces return to school - even though we are all wearing masks/face coverings, it will great to see smiles and hear laughter.

For more information and up to date news, please see the Hillsboro School District home page at

For me, the end of this Q3 marks the conclusion of my time with MEC/HBP as Principal Tiffany is set to return next week. I simply want to express my sincerest Thanks to the students, parents, staff, and Miller Ed community for working alongside me these past five months. Now, I hand the school keys back over to Tiffany as I head back to my role at Liberty HS.

Take care,

Roger Fink

Interim Administrator

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Una nota de Roger Fink, administrador interino de MEC/HBP -

Estimados estudiantes y familias,

Espero que todos hayáis tenido unas maravillosas vacaciones de primavera, que disfrutéis de este fin de semana de Pascua y que podáis pasar tiempo de calidad con la familia y los amigos, ya que la primavera está ciertamente aquí.

El año 2021 está volando mientras terminamos el tercer trimestre y nos preparamos para el cuarto trimestre y nuestro regreso al aprendizaje en persona con el formato híbrido/interactivo Livestream. Esta es una maravillosa oportunidad para nuestros estudiantes, clientes y jóvenes dentro de los programas MEC/HBP. Hay mucha información que compartir, así que vamos a ello:

El aprendizaje híbrido para todos los estudiantes de HS comienza en sólo dos semanas - el lunes 19 de abril. Aquí está la carta de la familia HS con un enlace de la encuesta también - por favor, complete la encuesta para que escuchemos sus preocupaciones y esperanzas a medida que planeamos. Incluso si usted ya ha completado la encuesta y declaró una respuesta, usted es absolutamente bienvenido a cambiar de opinión y permitir que su estudiante asista en persona / híbrido, o para permanecer en casa y seguir aprendiendo a través de CDL. Apoyamos su decisión y su conocimiento sobre lo que es mejor para su estudiante. En este momento, estamos planeando dar la bienvenida en este formato y horario:

* Estudiantes 9-12, apellido A-L = lunes y jueves en HBP

* Estudiantes 9-12, apellido M-Z = martes y viernes en HBP

Más específicamente, si usted desea que su estudiante regrese como se indica arriba, ellos (si el apellido comienza con 'A' por ejemplo) participarán en Livestream Híbrido / Interactivo los lunes y jueves. Los martes y viernes seguirán siendo aprendizaje sincrónico en casa en CDL, y los miércoles para todos los estudiantes seguirán siendo lo mismo - aprendizaje asincrónico en casa. Mientras que cada estudiante en HBP tiene acceso a transporte/autobús (siempre y cuando estén en el distrito), los estudiantes inscritos en GED son invitados y bienvenidos a asistir en persona a Hybrid sin embargo los estudiantes deben organizar su propio transporte hacia y desde la escuela. En cualquier caso, esperamos ver muchas caras que regresen a la escuela - aunque todos llevemos máscaras/cubiertas, será estupendo ver sonrisas y oír risas.

Para más información y noticias actualizadas, por favor vea la página del Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro en

Para mí, el final de este trimestre marca la conclusión de mi tiempo con MEC/HBP ya que la directora Tiffany regresará la próxima semana. Simplemente quiero expresar mi más sincero agradecimiento a los estudiantes, los padres, el personal y la comunidad de Miller Ed por trabajar junto a mí estos últimos cinco meses. Ahora, entrego las llaves de la escuela de nuevo a Tiffany mientras me dirijo de nuevo a mi papel en Liberty HS.


Roger Fink

Administrador interino

MEC/Hillsboro Panorama general

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ODE and Oregon Health Authority

Parents, Students, and Teachers can view this link and gather more information about the who, what, when, and how we return to in-person learning.

Ready Schools Safe Learners, at

Upcoming Events & Important Dates to Remember


Thursday, April 8th - Last day of Q3 for MEC/HBP students.

Friday, April 9th - No School - Teacher Grade Prep day.

Monday. April 19th - First day of in-person Hybrid / Interactive Livestream

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keeping your student safe and well

Please see this link to the Hillsboro School District Website. Helpful info and direction to support our student's well-being

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HBP Teacher's Update: Learning & Discovery


  • 201 Leadership students are meeting one-on-one with their advisors to get support in all classes, continue their passion projects, and evaluate their transcripts.
  • U.S. History students are reading about child labor and social justice by evaluating primary resources
  • Spanish 1 students are reading stories in preparation for writing their own
  • Spanish 2 students are writing stories using new vocabulary
  • 201 Advisory students are learning about graduation requirements and future planning


  • Visual Arts: Students are finishing up both the Principles of Art Scavenger Hunt and Art Project Slideshow. The final work leading into the end of the quarter next week is for students to add their Artist Statement to the Art Project work.
  • Leadership: Seniors should be spending time focused on completing their Senior Grad Plan Slideshow to prepare for Senior Exhibitions the week of April 5-8.
  • Economics: Students are wrapping up the course with a simulation on Fiscal Policy- Government's Role in the economy.


  • In all of the math classes, we are wrapping up our last units and preparing for the end of the quarter on Thursday. The time has really flown by!


  • ELA 9, students have been working on writing an argumentative essay.
  • ELA 12, students are starting to write a research paper about a modern-day tragic hero.
  • Creative Writing, the students are working on writing their own allegory.


  • Leadership: Working on Passion Projects

  • Advisory: Transcripts, Course selection

  • Agriculture: Soils, Plants

  • Biology: Body System Physiology, Nervous System

  • Chemistry: Everyday Food Chemistry/Biochemistry


  • Academic Options- Most students are making progress; some are close to earning a .5 credit already and are working on the next.

  • PE: We are continuing to focus on finding different ways to increase activity.

  • Health: We finished up with nutrition and activity and moving on to substance abuse and awareness.

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College and Career: Danielle Jones

College and Career: Did you know we have a MEC Career & College Google Classroom? This is not a class but a virtual space that holds lots of resources! This is especially beneficial for families of the class of 2021 as there is information about scholarships, financial aid, and more! Here is the invite link for your child to join:

Counseling & Wellness: Annie Wynne

  • In Advisory, students are participating in academic planning for their future success. This includes reviewing high school graduation requirements, transcripts, and beginning to think about which classes and work-based learning opportunities students would like to participate in next school year. If students or parents have questions about academic planning, they are encouraged to make an appointment using this link here or by contacting Annie Wynne at

  • The recent holidays, as well as current events, can be stressful for many. If you or a family member need support, please check out these resources:

NextGen News: Damon Morelli

  • NextGen is starting to ramp up for SummerWorks -- Please refer graduating seniors who would like a paid work experience for the summer.

  • The NextGen program serves young adults throughout Washington County by providing employment supports and referrals to career-related training in the fields of IT, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

  • NextGen's provision of support services is "excellent" according to our WorkSystems senior project manager. We currently have 13 clients enrolled in post-secondary education or training and expect two more to start training later this month. Over the next few weeks, 12 of our clients will start paid work experiences or engage in stipend learning opportunities.

For more information, please visit the NextGen website:

Damon Morelli

NextGen - Hillsboro School District

Education Liaison

503.844.1000 x2516

ITS/YTP Program Info: Shelley & Shanthi

  • Students in the Independent Transition Program are preparing for life back at school. Many are excited and ready to return. Recently, one student was hired in the housekeeping department at Extended Stay America! Students continue to amaze us with their determination to move forward and reach their goals!

  • Students in the ITS Employment class are focusing on resume writing and gearing up for mock interviews during 2nd semester.

For more information, contact:

Shelley Hawbecker

Transition Teacher

Hillsboro School District

Harkin's House Update: Brandon

  • Students continue to work towards credit recovery or GED testing. This week we had a student pass a GED test, our 10th passed test of the year at Harkins.
  • Students will be having a virtual meeting on Tuesday 3/2 with the PCC Future Connect program.

CARES Act Community Wide Childcare Grant

CARES Act Community-Wide Childcare Grant from Washington County available to all HSD families and community members that are essential workers or have been negatively impacted by Covid 19. Please review the flyer for additional information on how to apply for this grant.
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School Lunches for Students:


  • During Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), all meals will be delivered via bus routes. Deliveries will take place Monday through Friday on school days and will include both breakfast and lunch.

    Students will receive their meals free of charge.

    To find out the location and time of the meal delivery for your student, visit the MyBus Student Route Look-up tool on our website.

    In addition to bus routes, there will be 6 locations where students can pick up their meals from 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.: RA Brown, Century, Lincoln Street, Poynter, South Meadows, and Evergreen.

  • During Hybrid, those students who attend in-person learning will receive a Meal-Box - this will contain several day's worth of breakfast and lunch items. For HBP students, this will be given at dismissal in the school's cafeteria and is designed to be a 'grab-n-go' option.

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