Ways to get physicaly active!!!

by: Alondra Retana and John Solis

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30 Minute Madness

First workout that you can do :)

1. 8-12 reps

2. repeat 8 times

3. back squat, pull-up, walking lunge, push up, sit ups, and regular squats.

30 Minute Madness

Second workout :)

  • 1:00 Plank
  • 1:00 Burpees
  • 1:00 Body- weight squat
  • 1:00 Pull- up
  • 1:00 Box jumps
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Being active doesn't require joining a gym. Look for ways to increase your heart rate during your daily routine. Walk or cycle instead of taking the car or bus, or you can choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator. Try these ways to be active and start working towards your fitness goals to jump start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. You can walk your dog.

2. Yoga

3. Sports

Mayo clinic fitness for everybody

Even when you think your not doing exercise you are.
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • Doing dishes, etc...
Almost everything you do builds up on your physical activity because everything requires oxygen. When your aerobic capacity is high, your heart, lungs, and blood vessels transport and deliver oxygen throughout your body. As a result you produce more energy, and you wont fatigue as quickly.
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Mayo clinic fitness for everybody

In order to cool down after a good 60 minutes of workout you must do about 30 minutes of cool down exercises.
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