The Adventures of Polo

by: Regis Faller

An adventurous dog.

Some party monkeys.

A slow turtle.

Summary of this book

The Adventure of Polo is a wordless picture book about a dog who goes on a whole bunch of fun adventures. Like going up a stairway to a cloud to finding a treasure chest in the deep sea. To going to a majestic jungle with a whole bunch of party monkeys. Also a whole lot more. Regis Faller fantastic author for kids 7 and under.

Read this book to your little kid

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING if you're a preschool teacher. You can read this book to your class.


This book takes place outside, sometimes during the day and sometimes at night.


Polo, Cat on a cloud, a slow turtle, and the Party Monkeys

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Opinion of the book

I thought it was great to read and for a wordless picture book you really know what is going on and it's not confusing.

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