Classical Coversations

of Anthem Area

for October 25, 2016

Cycle 2: Week 6

I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.

Psalm 77:11


Family Presentation: Haymaker Family

Clean Up: Green family & Dabney family (Dumpster lock code: 9933)

Art: Final Project

Science: Attractive (Simulate the solar magnetic field)

Presentation Suggestion:

Extemporaneous Presentation - Tell about the ways animals are adapting to environmental change today. Relate any newsworthy details.


Classical, Christian Education

“My hero is Man the Discoverer. The world we now view from the literate West—the vistas of time, the land and the seas, the heavenly bodies and our own bodies, the plants and animals, history and human societies past and present—had to be opened for us by countless Columbuses . . . This is a story without end. All the world is still an America. The most promising words ever written on the maps of human knowledge are terra incog- nita—unknown territory.”

—Daniel Boorstin, The Discoverers, (xv-xvi)

Foundations to Challenge

In history this week, your family will learn about the Renaissance by memorizing a famous inventor, playwright, artist, and scientist. Studying these famous men and women can inspire our students to strive for great things as they learn about the accomplishments of rare geniuses like da Vinci, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and Copernicus. Students will encounter these amazing discoverers in more depth through the history of science in Challenge B, through original documents in Challenge I American Government, through artists and composers in Challenge II Western Cultural History, through Challenge III US History, and through Challenge IV World History.


Are you interested in connecting with Classical Conversations families from other places? Are you looking for a way to celebrate your family's accomplishments this year? Make plans to join us this spring for our annual Capstone Cruise. In addition to wonderful food and fellowship, the cruise will include a graduation ceremony, N2K (National Number Knockout competition) finals, and a National Memory Master competition. Be inspired by the accomplishments of these students and/or sign your own kids up to compete or graduate. For details, visit our webpage:


Please remind the children not to run in the church. I know it's really tempting with the long hall way we have by the classrooms. It is also hard not having a playground for them to run around on our campus. : ( We can try to incorporate more physical movement during our new grammar and/or review games in our individual classes.


Moms' Lunch at Panera Bread

Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 11:30am

2370 West Happy Valley Road

Phoenix, AZ

Come join us for a wonderful time of fellowship. We hope to see you there!!

Reformation Day Potluck

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 9am

34406 North 27th Drive

Phoenix, AZ

Dress as a medieval knight or a princess. (or whatever they have)... : )

Please post what you will be bringing on our FB page or reply to Meghan's email.

Very Important Dads' Donut meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 8:30am