Parent Bulletin

Friday 24th July

Some quick parent messages

Whatever you are doing - I hope you are enjoying it!

The sun is out and the face coverings are on. Sitting writing this bulletin at my desk, I can see the Dawson's queue from here and I can confirm that the shoppers of Brayton are all following the new face covering laws!

Thank you!

Staff have asked me to send you all a huge "thank you" for all the lovely messages, thoughtful cards and generous gifts you sent us as we broke up for the holidays. On behalf of them and myself - your kindness is greatly appreciated.

(Now if only I could get them to stop coming into school and to stay at home and relax long enough to enjoy their bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates, it would be great!)

School phones

During the holidays the office is not manned and therefore all phone calls will go to voicemail. Emails are checked periodically but may not be answered until nearer the start of term.

Pallets needed

If you can get your hands on good condition wooden pallets we are looking for about half a dozen but we need to be cheeky and ask you to drop them off as well! There's usually someone about if you press the gate buzzer.

Other items needed

Please don't throw away any old plants or seeds - save them for us. Also, if you are a keen propagator, we would love you to take cuttings of any shrubs or herbs - we are making a massive effort to develop our gardens this year.


Perhaps you have been waiting for wraparound news? Yes - it will be back in September! There will be differences (as you might imagine) as there are extra COVID guidelines to follow. My plans for adopting these guidelines are currently with the MAT for sign off but I will communicate with you about them as soon as I can. For now though I can say that there will be significant changes to how we deliver the food element. At the moment I don't think we will be putting up the price but you will probably have to pay at the time of booking and we are looking at using an online booking / payment system through parent pay, similar to lunchtimes.
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