The Difficult Love Life


The Whole Picture

During the whole story, both Bryce and Julie finds their inner personalities that change their whole look. In the beginning of the book, Julie finds herself falling for Bryces' eyes. As the book goes on her father tells her "Look deeper into the picture". Julie finds herself getting to notice more and more of Bryce and how she sees how much of a jerk he is. On the other end, Bryce finds himself in a crazy situation with one crazy wacko chic. As the book goes on, HE then sees the bigger picture and finds Julies beauty and smarts just covers all of her flaws. He falls every second with out noticing it. Once he noticed and and made clear that he isn't going to deny his love, THEN does Julie make her decision to back away from him.

Wendelin Van Draanen

Wendelin Van Draanen was born on Jan.6,1965 in Illinois. When she was young, she was a tomboy. Now she lives in California Married and has two boys. She had a job of becoming a math teacher then became a high school science teacher before being a writer. She wrote many books like Runnaway or The Running Dream. She created one series called Sammy Keyes. Has not won any awards.