Give Us Our Rights!

~Human Rights in Third World Countries~

We Are All Humans!

John Key states, "We live in a world where equality is pretty important." Is that really the case? Are people worldwide treated equally? Equality is very important in todays society and in this world that we live in. Worldwide, people should be treated equally, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, skin colour...the list is endless. People are fighting for something that they should have freely. FREE...meaning of no charge.

Women in developing countries do not have as many equal rights as women in a wealthy country do. Women fight for their rights to vote because, unfortunately, they do not have those rights. Children do not have the right to receive an education, whereas in Canada, education is literally free. North American people have so many rights, people take it for granted. These rights could be taken away just like they are taken away from people in third world countries. It is unfair and takes a lot of fighting for to receive the smallest right.

You Have Rights, Why Are You Complaining?

People in developed countries such as the United States of America or Canada have all the rights in the world. Canada has the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. Yet, there are those ungrateful people in the world who complain about the littlest things in this great big world. A man in the military complained about women having the same rights as men although they do not do the same amount of push-­ups as the men have to do. As ridiculous as it sounds, people do not joke about these complaints.

A man who was pulled over for DUI and speeding asked the police officer for identification because he did not believe that she had the right to be a police officer. As soon as she got her back up to arrest the man, he snapped out of his own little world and realized what was happening. Not only because he was drunk, but because he did not believe that the woman was a police officer.

Women have every right that a man has because they fought for their rights to be treated as humans. They fought in order to be who they are today. Men, today, still think that they are superior to women...reality is, women are as equally superior as men are because of all the suffering they went through in the past.

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I Am Worthy!

People everywhere are deserving of human rights.The fact that some people are not able to obtain these rights is very saddening. The major authorities in the world need to speak up for people worldwide who deserve rights. People should not have to fight to obtain human rights, it should be given freely, no questions asked. Other people, such as children, so not deserve to suffer because they don't have the rights to support themselves and sustain their mental and physical health. People suffer, people die, people shed their blood to have rights! The only problem is, people are so consumed by the media being directed towards them about the most recent homicide or the most recent line o9f clothing on the market. If the media tried directing something such as the suffering of others because they do not have rights, would be a much more efficient way to use the media. An efficient way to inform the people who know absolutely nothing about what happens in other parts of the world. More people would speak up as they would see it all over social media, advertisements and even the news. The world could be a better place, people just need to believe that it can be a better place and do it. If you say you can or you can't, it's probably true.

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The Charter of Rights and Freedoms