Great job to all who submitted employee recognition nominations! This is a busy time of year, and the time you took to recognize your colleagues means so much. Today is the deadline to submit all nominations. If you have one you wanted to submit, please be sure and give Donna a copy and let her know if you sent it or you need her to send it for you.

Also, great job to the kindergarten teachers and volunteer staff who helped with the kinder parent orientation. We had a great turnout both sessions!

T-TESS - Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System)

Teachers, as you may or may not know, PDAS as we know it, will be replaced with a new system of appraisal for teachers next year called T-TESS (Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System). It will move away from basic administrator scoring to a more collaborative approach for continuous support and educational improvement. You will be receiving more information about it during next week's PLC.


Our campus will be getting new mulch within the next several weeks. Be aware that it has a foul smell but will dissipate after time.

Tattered Jeans

Per district dress code policy,developed by teachers, please remember that torn or ripped clothing is not allowed for staff. While tattered jeans are very fashionable right now (and some may be really expensive,) it is not school appropriate even if it's a "little tattered."


MONDAY, 4/11 - Progress monitoring week - Tier 3, Volunteer Appreciation Week, Girl's Break-a-way Field Trip 8:30-2:30

TUESDAY, 4/12 - Library Media Specialist Day

WEDNESDAY, 4/13 - WATCH DOG Dad - Harry Myers (Conor/ 5th gr.)

THURSDAY, 4/14 - James White (Hannah/2nd, Olivia/1st)

FRIDAY, 4/15 - 2nd Grade Sign Language Readers, Math I.S. K-6 during conference, Sunshine Fun Lunch Appetizers and Desserts, WATCH DOG Dad Paulino Rodriguez (Izabella/2nd)