LHS Weekly Update #1

August 14, 2021

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Back to School

Lathrop High School has been abuzz with teachers and staff returning and preparing for the 2021-2022 school year. We are excited to have students back in the building and are ready for a great year!

If you missed our back to school edition of the weekly update - you can find that here.

Start of school events:

Wednesday, August 18 Ignition Day 7:30am-2pm - Freshmen, sophomores and students new to Lathrop are invited

Wednesday, August 18 Open House 6-8pm for ALL students and families

Thursday, August 19 First Day of School for ALL students (follow 1-6 schedule)

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Masks are Optional

Last spring the school board made the decision to make masks optional across all grade levels and for both students and staff.

I encourage you to talk with your high school student about masking. Currently the CDC recommends that everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) wear masks indoors. *Masks are required on the school bus per federal guidelines.

Last year, I found that when my family and I wore masks and washed our hands frequently we were able to stay healthier and didn’t catch the seasonal viruses and colds that we normally would. Therefore, I will continue to wear a mask, especially in busier places such as the hallways during passing periods, to help keep my family healthy.

Below you will find more information on Covid mitigation in our district.

Carly Sween

Lathrop Principal

Covid Mitigation at LHS will Include

  • Hand sanitizer is available in every classroom and throughout our building.
  • Free Covid Screening and testing will be available to any student or staff member in our nurse's office. In addition, you will be able to call our nurse's office to schedule curb-side testing if your student has symptoms (to avoid coming into the building).
  • Stay home if you have symptoms.
  • When a student or staff member does test positive for Covid-19, families will be notified of a Covid-positive case in that student's classroom.
  • We strongly recommend getting vaccinated. There are a variety of locations to receive your Covid-19 Vaccine. Click here for a complete list of options.

Read more about the FNSBSD's Covid Mitigation plan:

Feel free to contact Lathrop's school nurse, Alison Casper, with any questions. 452-7794 ext. 17540

Wellness Check

Understand the expectations of what students and staff should do if they are not feeling well.

Return to School Operational Guidelines

A summary of our mitigation protocols can be found here.

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Ignition Day Q&A

Who can come?

Freshmen, sophomores and students new to Lathrop are invited to attend.

What time is Ignition Day?

Ignition Day runs regular school hours - 7:30am-2pm.

Are buses running?

Yes. If you have not yet registered for the bus, please do so here.

What will we eat for lunch?

Menu will include a hotdog, fries, fruit, veggies, milk and juice.

What will we do?

Students will get their schedules and lockers. Everyone will have a chance to run through a mini-schedule - attending each class for 15 minutes to start to get to know classmates, teacher, and a few details about each class. Meet this year's freshmen mentors and get time to explore the school in a scavenger hunt and connect with classmates.

What should I bring on Ignition Day?

No need to bring any school supplies this day. You are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle and a mask.

Chromebooks - a device for every student

All students will check out a Chromebook for school this year (both in person and eLearning students). Students must have a parent/guardian sign the districts AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Each guardian was emailed a link to this form on August 10th allowing you to sign the policy electronically. If you would prefer to sign a paper form, it is available in the Lathrop library. Guardians may sign it on open house night so their high school student can check out a Chromebook. *If you have not returned your Chromebook from last year, you will not be able to check out a new device. Please return your Chromebook. It will need to be updated for this school year.

Click here for the FNSB School District Acceptable Use Policy & Agreement

Other Languages: 中文, Español, Tagalog, Tiếng Việt

Students can check out their Chromebooks from the Lathrop library on Ignition Day, open house, or during school. Every student needs to have a device by August 30th to use in their classes.

Plan to bring your Chromebook to classes each school day. Be sure it is fully charged for class.

Schedules are NOT Finalized

Up until the first day of school, schedules will continue to be adjusted to balance class size. In addition, we have added new elective offerings: Statistical Analysis in Athletics (S1), Math for Trades & Tech Careers (S2), Building Trades 1A (S1 and S2), Building Trades 1B (S2).

To make a change to your schedule - email your LHS counselor.

A-E Jennifer Frymark jennifer.frymark@k12northstar.org

F-L Tammy Guy: tamara.guy@k12northstar.org

M-R Olga Napolilli: olga.napolilli@k12northstar.org

S-Z Max Ott: max.ott@k12northstar.org

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Extension Period

Lathrop now has an Extension Period on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1:03-2pm. Students will be scheduled for a seminar class during this period. Seminar will be used for: school-wide lessons, study time, class meetings, and more. Seminar is required for all students quarter 1 and is a credited pass/fail class. We plan to offer some credit recovery and exploratory options starting quarter 2.

Student Schedules

Message from Administration and Counseling Regarding Schedules
Schedules are not finalized - Classes still need to be balanced/leveled which may result in schedule changes. Keep in mind when requesting schedule changes, they're not guaranteed.

Please see below the list of priorities we follow when dealing with schedule change requests:

  • Student has an incomplete schedule.
  • New student enrollments.
  • Change is needed for senior missing graduation requirements and/or college and career entrance.
  • Student has been scheduled into a course out of sequence (i.e., Spanish 3 before Spanish 1).
  • Student did not pass a class that was a prerequisite for another.
  • Student has been scheduled into a course previously passed.
  • Class sizes must be balanced.

Please understand that all of these priorities come BEFORE requested changes based on preferred teachers, periods, or classmates.


Contact your LHS counselor to take an eLearning course at Lathrop. You can take anything from one course up to a full load of courses.

Breakfast and Lunch at No Charge to ALL students this year!

All Lathrop students (in person and eLearning) can eat breakfast and lunch at NO CHARGE this school year.

Lathrop Breakfast is served Monday-Friday before school (7-7:30am).

Lunch is served Mondays and Fridays 10:29-10:59 and Tues/Thur/Fri 11:14-11:44.

More Details:

  • USDA has provided a participation option through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) which gives us the ability to offer Breakfast and Lunch at NO-CHARGE for the 2021-2022 school year to all students enrolled in a school that participates in our NSLP program. (i.e. if your child attends an FNSBSD school that has an NSLP lunch program, they get to get 1 no-charge reimbursable lunch & breakfast meal per day.)

  • Students enrolled in E-learning at participating schools are able to pick up meals when the school is serving the students in attendance. E-learning students can pick up breakfast and lunch at one serving period (e.g., the student arrives at breakfast, both meals can be taken).

  • Ala Carte items (e.g., bags of chips, extra milk, etc.) are not free of charge.

Even though meals are at no charge for the 21-22 school year, we highly encourage families to complete the 2021-2022 meals application Free & Reduced Meals Application. meal status is still used to provide assistance with course fees, exam fees, and federal funding for the District to name a few.

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Lathrop High School

Lathrop High School is committed to fostering academic success, creativity, civic responsibility, healthy lifestyles, and personal integrity, within a culturally diverse community, to achieve success in a 21st century world.