Firearms of Germany

By: Mary Bourgeois


M30 Luftwaffe drilling feautured two 12- gauge shot gun barrels and a 9.3x74mmR rife barrel. It was used in the event that a pilot was shot down, for defense and for hunting game to stay alive until rescue. It was a survival weapon issued to Luftwaffe pilots during World War II.


Gewehr 43 or G43 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Nazi Germany during World War II. G43 was lighter, easier to produce, it was more reliable and also much more tougher than the Gewehr 41. German mountain troops used them as ladder rungs during climbing.


Sauer 38 H is a small automatic pistol, it went to various German police agencies and used by German armed forces such as the Luftwaffe. It was produced for military police and commercial market.

Assault Rifle

Sturmgewehr 44 was considered to be the first modern assault rifle. The name was chosen personally by Adolf Hitler for propaganda reasons meaning " Storm Rifle".StG44 has less range and power than the more powerful infantry rifles of the day. Automatic fire was, "advised only in emergencies, mainly to make sure that the regular soldier/sniper didn't waste his ammunition.

Machine Gun

MG42 was a general purpose machine gun, this machine gun was used in all branches of the German Armed forces. Has a proven record of reliability, durability, simplicity , and ease of operation. Produces a high volume of suppressive fire, and had the highest average rates of fire of any single barreled man-portable machine gun between 1,200 and 1,500 rpm.


Although these guns may seem savage a or outdated ,they fueled the path for future advancement and improvements to the technologies of war.
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