Edmond Doyle News 8-31-2017

We are off to a great start this year. We have all taken our STAR benchmarks and many of our students are reading very well. However, some of us still have a lot of work to do to get on level. Please make sure that your child is reading at least 20 minutes every night. Make this a fun thing-find a book that you can enjoy together. Have your child read some-then you read some as well. It is even ok if you read a chapter book to them. Loving to read paves a huge path to reading success. My family use sit in our living room and read our books together. My mom, dad, and brothers were all readers-it was just natural for me to pick up books and read, too. Make this your normal at your house-reading can take us places and give us experiences we might miss out on without books!

A huge thanks to everyone that came to our Open House. Every child that had a parent come will earn extra recess. Anytime we have a school function, please make every effort to attend. It means a lot to your children to have you here. Always check the newsletter for important events. Also, check our Facebook page and download Schoolway on your Android or iPhone. These are quick ways to get school information. Let us know if your email changes. Also, make sure that if you change phone numbers or addresses that you let us know in the office!!

We are loving our new STEAM class with Mrs. Grantham. A big thanks to our school board and to Mr. Hughes for getting us a STEAM teacher. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Ask your children about the cool things Mrs. Grantham is teaching them!! Welcome to Edmond Doyle, Mrs. Grantham. We love having you with us!!

PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY IN THE MORNING OR AFTER SCHOOL. We have a lot of staff that need to be able to get in and out of the parking lot. Also, please do not drive around the car line. No one has to wait very long here to let their child out. We almost had another wreck because a car left the line and jumped in ahead. There is nowhere you need to be that is worth a child getting hurt by your car. Please be patient. Drive down Smith Street and park on Smith Street and let your child walk to the gate if you are in a big hurry.

Remember-Regular Attendance is a number one indicator of school success. PreK-4th grades are the cornerstones of all learning. Here are the percentages of each class's attendance. 1st graders have to be at school regularly in order to learn how to read, do math, and be good friends. Let's see if we can beat the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders-we know you can get your attendance up!!

1st grade-91.93% 2nd grade-97.26%****WINNERS****

3rd grader-95.61%***Great*** 4th grade-96.62%**Awesome**

Upcoming Events:

9-4-17 Monday-NO SCHOOL-Labor Day

9-5-17 Tuesday-1st day of Indian Education Tutoring

9-8-17 Friday-Field trip to Expo Center to see Magician Marty Westerman-leave at 10:00

9-13-17 Wednesday-Dot Day

9-14-17 Thursday-Parent/Teacher Conferences-3:30-9:30

9-15-17 Friday-NO SCHOOL

9-18-17 Monday-Constitution Day observed

9-19-17 Tuesday-Grandparent's Breakfast

9-27-17 Wednesday-Vision Screening