Dalebrook Tidal-pool History

By: Tre E.

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The site is off the rocks just south of the tidal pool. Low and fairly flat sandstone reef. Reef is steep sided and flat bottomed, mostly bedrock with occasional boulders. Fairly free of sand in the inshore areas, but sand bottomed further out. Beyond the reef the sand starts fairly abruptly, with a few outlying outcrops, and is consistently fine and fairly white, with small wave ripples and lots of vent holes. The outer reef may be coated with fine sand, which is easily lifted due to the small grain size.

Origin of Name

The site is named after the locality "Dale Brook", as is a road and the railway station.

How it's Changed over time

The site is exposed to south easterly wind and waves. The site is usually at it's best during winter but there may also be occasional opportunities at other times of the year.

Keep a lookout for times when it is calm or the wind is north westerly with minimal swell. The site is shallow and any swell will cause a surge, though the kelp will have a moderating influence.

Avoid diving this site if there is a south east wind forecast, as the chop may make it tricky to get out safely.