Jefferson County 4-H

June 2015

Regional Public Speaking Contest Results

Congratulations to all of our participants at the Regional Public Speaking Contest! Jefferson County was well represented!

Allison Engelman - Medal Winner, Intermediate Division

Kacy Starck - Blue, Intermediate Division

Jadyn Schultis - Red, Intermediate Division

Alexis Gerritse - Purple, Senior Division & Blue, Senior Division PSA

Sara Huss - Purple, Intermediate Division PSA

Tori Likens - Purple, Senior Division PSA

Trevin Likens - Medal Winner, Senior Division PSA


We would like to CONGRATULATE all our senior 4-H members and wish them the best in their future endeavors. Good Luck!!!

How to Fill Out Your Fair Entries

All Fair Entries are due MONDAY, JUNE 15th by 5 pm!!!!

  • Clothing Entries - Each exhibitor needs to turn in a clothing entry sheet which can be found at we can schedule you an interview time with the judges.
  • Fashion Show Entries - Each exhibitor needs to turn in a fashion show description sheet for each clothing item that they will be modeling during the fashion show judging and public fashion show. These forms are found
  • Foods Entries - Each exhibitor needs to turn in a foods entry sheet which can be found at so we can schedule you an interview time with the judges.
  • Livestock Entries (4-H, FFA & Open Class) - Each exhibitor needs one entry sheet per livestock species and can be found
  • Livestock ID Sheets (4-H & FFA) - Each exhibitor or family need an ID sheet for each species. Example one sheet for market sheep and one for breeding sheep. ID sheets can be found at
  • Livestock Ownership Affidavit (4-H & FFA) - Any exhibitor that is borrowing a livestock animal will need to fill out an ownership affidavit and have the owner sign off that you will be using their animal at the fair. The form can be found at
  • Static Exhibit Entries - Everything that is exhibited in the 4-H Building needs to be pre-entered for the fair and can be found Please do not put foods, clothing or livestock on this entry sheet. If you have additional exhibits that you would like to bring to the fair you can bring them, but you will have to fill out the green cards at the fair for those exhibits.

Livestock DNA & Eartags

Each exhibitor is responsible for tagging their animals for the fair so make sure to pick up 4-H and FFA tags at the Extension Office.

If you are wanting to show beef feeder calves, market sheep, swine or market meat goats at the Nebraska State Fair or AK-SAR-BEN livestock exposition, those animals must have DNA pulled and on file by June 15th. Each exhibitor is responsible for pulling your own DNA and tagging your animals so please contact the office to get the supplies. Each DNA sample will cost $6 and is paid by the exhibitor.

Dog & Cat Vaccination Certifications Due June 15th

All dogs and cats need to turn in vaccination certification to be eligible to show at the fair. These forms can be found at:

All forms need to be turned in by June 15th along with your fair entries.

4-H Workshops & Events

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Beyond the Needle Workshop

Come join us on Monday, June 22nd from 1:00-3:30 pm for a Beyond the Needle workshop. Ann, Megann & Madison Freese bring years of experience and creativity to participants as you design a painted shirt using contact paper and textile glitter paint and learn about the new project, Beyond the Needle, and modeling tips for the Fashion Revue. Register at the Extension Office by June 16 and you will receive the flyer with supply list, etc. For the designer in all of us who like a little sparkle, don’t miss this one!
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Pase & Life Challenge

PASE/Life Challenge will be held on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln East Campus on Monday, June 29 and Tuesday, June 30. PASE includes the state 4-H contests for Poultry Judging, Livestock Judging, Meat Identification, Quiz Bowl, and Skillathon.

Life Challenge is a two-day event designed to help you learn about issues related to Family and Consumer Sciences, explore career opportunities that are available, with contests in Foods and Nutrition, Child Development, Wardrobe, Service Learning and Clover Challenge.

If you’re 10 years old or older and interested in competing in one or more of these contests contact Darci at or by phone at 402.729.3487. We would like to know by June 10th who is interested in participating so we can get some teams together and get everyone registered by the deadline. We also won't be staying overnight this year so we want to line up transportation for youth that are interested in attending. You can visit for more information about the events and opportunities.

Fair Information

Fairbook Online

The 2015 Jefferson County Fairbook is online at and ready for leaders and members to look at. Copies are available at the office. The 2015 4-H Nebraska State Fair book is on the web at

4-H Foodstand Sign-Up

There are still many families that haven't turned in a foodstand sign-up form. I would like to remind you that all families are required to work a 3 hour shift to help support the 4-H Council fundraiser for the year. Blank forms can be found at and need to be turned into the office ASAP or you will be assigned a time that you may not like. Thank you for your help!

Fairgrounds Clean-Up

All 4-H and FFA members are encouraged to attend the fairgrounds clean-up days held on Wednesday, June 17 & Thursday, June 18 at 5-9 pm each day. During these two days the fairboard will be working on various projects to get the fairgrounds ready for the upcoming fair and would appreciate anyone who can help!

2015 Jefferson County Fair

July 16-19, 2015

This year's theme: Country Pride Jefferson County Wide


All fair entries and livestock ID sheets are due on Monday, June 15th. This includes entry forms for foods, clothing, livestock and all static exhibits. Livestock ID sheets are also due on this day. We want to try to make less trips to the office for all of you so we are having everything due on the same day! Forms will be available at the office and on our website so please contact us with any questions. We are also making some how-to videos to help you fill out your forms!

Quality Assurance Training

4-Her’s can now complete their Livestock Quality Assurance requirement online! All 4-Her’s enrolled in swine, beef, sheep, dairy goat, dairy cattle, meat goat, rabbits or poultry need to complete Livestock Quality Assurance. 4-Her’s completing their quality assurance requirement online must complete three modules and present their three certificates to their local county extension office prior to June 15th. There will be a $5 fee that each participant must pay before they will have access to course.

The course is divided into three levels: Junior (ages 8-10), Intermediate (ages 11-14), Senior (15-18). Each year youth are required to complete three modules within their age level. Each youth needs to have an e-mail address that they can use to log onto the website. Youth may work ahead and complete as many modules as possible in order to maximize the $5 course fee. Intermediate and Senior age youth also have the option to test out of Quality Assurance training at no charge. Contact the office for more information.

For more information about registering and using the online system, go to or for more information.

New County Fair Livestock Policy

All livestock at the Jefferson County Fair will be subject to random drug testing as directed by the Fairboard. These tests can be performed at any time during the fair so please make sure you are following the rules and guidelines outlined in the fairbook. Also any unethical fitting of livestock will not be tolerated.


All exhibitors (including those who may only do halter classes) must pass 4-H Advancement Level 1 to be eligible to exhibit at the county fair horse show. The exam must be completed by June 15th of the current year. (Different deadline dates apply for district and state competition.) All participants who have not passed the 4-H Advancements Level 1 are not eligible to exhibit in the fair. State 4-H horse rules will be followed (refer to manual 373, 4-H Horse Show and Judging Guide).


UNIT II: NEBRASKA PHOTOGRAPHY CAREER EXHIBIT PRINT: Explore a career as an editorial photographer. Editorial photographers take pictures that highlight the topics being written about in books, magazines, and newspapers. Editorial photos should be creative, powerful images that tell an intriguing story. Let’s tell a story about why we love our Nebraska communities. Capture editorial photos that tell a story about your Nebraska Community.

UNIT III: NEBRASKA PHOTOGRAPHY CAREER EXHIBIT PRINT: Explore a career as a commercial pho-tographer. Commercial photographers take pictures that are used for promotional purposes. Commercial pho-tographs are often used in print and online communication materials (advertisements, brochures, flyers, web sites, social media banners, direct email messages, etc.). Capture commercial photos that tell the story of 4-H in your Nebraska community; photos should show the Nebraska 4-H Program in action. Photos may be used to promote the UNL Extension 4-H Youth Development Program.


The Fairboard requires that ALL livestock trailers be parked across the PWF road in the south parking lot during the 2015 Jefferson County Fair. This will help alleviate the congestion along the roads by the livestock barns and allow for more vehicle parking. Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Other Opportunities

National Festival of Breads

The National Festival of Breads is the nation's only amateur bread-baking competition and will be held in Manhattan, KS on Saturday, June 13th. The event is free and features a host of unique activities for families to enjoy: baking demonstrations, taste tests, a trade show and the preparation of the recipes for the 2015 National Festival of Breads!

For more information including the schedule of events, please contact the office and we will get you all the details!

Flag Day Celebration

All 4-Hers and 4-H clubs are invited to attend the Flag Day Celebration being held at the Fairbury Elks Lodge on Sunday, June 14 at 2:00 pm. The program consists of a historical and colorful presentation of various flags that have represented our country during the past 239 years.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day is for students who will be entering Kindergarten through seventh grades. It will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 4, from 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Registration will be open from 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. Please do not bring children earlier than 7:45 a.m.

This fun-filled day will include demonstrations/discussions of 10 safety topics, including 8 sessions, a lunch program and a closing program.

Applications will be available at the Nebraska Extension office along with other area businesses. Applications must be submitted by July 29 to receive the early registration discount.

A non-refundable fee of $5 per child or $10 per family includes lunch, snacks, speakers, t-shirt, and freebies. The fee must accompany the application. After the early registration deadline the fee will be $7 per child with no family discount available. Lunch will be provided. Checks should be made to Jefferson County Farm Safety 4 Just Kids.

Calendar of Events


8 - Clover Kid Camp, Fairbury

10 - Animal Science Day Camp, Fairbury

15 - Livestock IDs & Fair Entries Due

17 & 18 - Fairgrounds Cleanup, Fairgrounds

18 - District 4-H Horse Show, Seward

22 - Beyond the Needle Workshop, Fairbury

23 - 24 Camp Renegade, Camp Jefferson, Fairbury

29 - 30 PASE/Life Challenge, UNL East Campus, Lincoln


10 - Favorite Foods/Presentations Contest, 4-H Building

12 - Clean-Up 4-H Kitchen, 4-H Building

16 - 19 Jefferson County Fair, Fairgrounds


4 - Progressive Agriculture Safety Day, Fairgrounds

28 - Sept 7 Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island

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