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Week of February 15, 2016 - February 19, 2016

What are your Selfies telling you?

If you have had an opportunity to be around the life of an athlete, you will know that an integral part of becoming a better player and team is reviewing the game tapes! A great coach will want to sit down with their team to reflect on things that went well and make adjustments where needed. Examining our student's performance is only a piece of the puzzle. As educators, we also should focus on our instructional delivery. Celebrate the good and make adjustments where needed. There is no doubt that at the next practice (instructional opportunity) the team (our students) will practice and train on the things that they determined needed improvement. The past couple of weeks, you have had the opportunity to self-asses your instructional delivery, analyze your students data and create action plans for our students. In Bambrick-Santoyo's Driven by Data, it clearly confirms the 4 essential components to improving instruction. These are:
  • Assessments
  • Analysis
  • Action
  • Culture
These are all being addressed and targeted at Golden Meadows and there is no doubt our students continue to benefit from your attention to each one.

This week I will begin Instructional Walks to gain a global picture of the impact your attention to our Golden Meadows non-negotiables are impacting instruction daily. Please make sure you have completed your 3 swivel recordings and have submitted your reflection through the google doc. This will help focus our conversations during our coaching visits.

GM Greatness!

The great things happening at GM is often the topic of conversation with my Area Director and with other Principals. I am always happy to share the enormous effort my staff puts forth and impact it is having on our students. This Wednesday we will have visitors from Montclair Elementary. Their focus will be AVID strategies and I am sure they will not only see that but so much more. On February 23rd, I will host a site-visit with the Principals that are part of the Raise Your Hand Texas cohort. I had the amazing opportunity to learn alongside with them this summer at the Graduate School of Education in Harvard. It is a great privilege to host this site-visit and I know they will see some amazing things that day. Please see the invite that went out to them for more details.
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Meaningful, Relavant, Real Life!

I have enjoyed receiving letters from some of our second graders! We have some awesome writers in second grade.
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Please make sure you are using the Lead4Ward Field Guide when planning.

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Weekly Calendar

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  • Examine your Selfies- Complete 3 per 6 weeks and submit reflection after each
  • Please communicate with your team and leave adequate lesson plans should you have to be put.
  • Make regular phone calls home for Good Things
  • Monitor your students during restroom breaks. We had some disgusting things going on in the 3rd grade bathrooms (which all classes use).
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