My Camping Adventure

Summer Fun

I went camping with my friends up in Shawano and spent a week there. My family, Luke and his mom, and our friend Cade came along as well. He came up with us on Wednesday but Luke came up Friday.We went on a camping trip to pine grove campground. There, they have a lake, a pool, mini golf, and in one area a cow pen. We went back in August. We went from a Wednesday through Sunday.Our parents made the plan to go a few months before and a few day before we left we invited Cade.We went just to take some time off and relax, and have fun with our friends.

Look at Us

Luke Riding a Mechanical bull
Cade and I relaxing after a swimming for a few hours.

The Science of It

We had a camp fire most of the nights we stayed there. This is connected to science because when we burned the wood it released multiple chemicals that turned into the smoke that flew into the air.
At Pine grove they have a little path at a dead end that leads into the woods that we walked down. This is connected to science because when we were on the trail there were chipmunks and squirrels picking up acorns and other nuts. They also had cutouts of bears and foxes because it is the sort of habitat they live in.

I Wonder....

What other animals live in the water we swam in other than the fish we saw.?

What sort of biome was there?

What affects did we have on the wild life?

How much have we polluted that area.