Maniac Magee

Author: Jerry Spinelli - Presentation By: Briley Jordan

Come Down to Pennsylvania town of Two Mills!

What might seem like an outrageous place to visit, Two Mills might just be the place for you! with plenty of fun you might just snag a gang or even a new family. As simple as it seems Two mills is actually split into two ends, The east end is for blacks, and the west end is whites. But no matter what side you are on the drama will follow you.What a place to race trains, hit homerun frogs, makes friends, and even make enemies. Why not risk a few chances and go maniac this summer?

Places recommended to visit

Welcome To what I would call my ideal hometown! - Jeffery

Hello! Im maniac Magee, The maniac magee who suupposivily "kissed a bull" . If you come down to two mills you'll hear all about me. Unlike me you probably drove here or even snagged a plane but I ran here, literally I ran hundreds of miles to get here. Luckily I made it safely but learned the hard way about two mills, so let me give you a short trial. There is a west end and east end divided by hector street....its that simple. But watch out! the mcnabs might bite not gonna lie. The beales are considered the total opposite. just in case the east end steals your money and your homeless return to the beales, you won't regret it. As it is for mars bars, well.... don't get mixed up with him he's quite a handful. As Many enemies and friends you meet I hope you have a blast down here. Oh! i almost forgot, check out cobbles corner for the best pizza you'll ever have. Good luck wether your on the west or east end!
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Not yo usual town - mars bars Thompson

Aye aye aye, my name is mars bars.... well mars bars Thompson. Welcome to the east end, the end you don't want to mess with. Im the baddest kid on the streets besides the Mcnabs of course. Being me I love a good challenge, if your looking forward to visiting the west end then stop by and share a race with maniac and me. I advise you stay to the right of the street though just in case you get caught up in the mcnabs. Theres a sticky and sweet side of town it just depends on who you meet. Friends are easy to make but even more so enemies in this town, so choose wisely. In these cold streets lies many fighters so beware and bring a pair of running shoes you'll need them. Whatever you do do not be a fishbelly! ( prejudiced against whites)
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The Zoo is where The heart is- Grayson

I know how rough two mills is so if you ever need a place to sleep come join me in the band shell, don't worry ill feed you. It may not be comfy at first but we can share stories. I was once a minor league baseball pitcher but ll let you in on that later. ill provide you will clothes as well just in case you need a little extra as well. We can build a connection in this band shell and forget about all the badd things that happen outside of two mills. Whenever your in need of a friend find your way to the zoo, but be careful crossing sides!
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