• leClanche was born in Paris 1839
  • leClanche died September/14/1882
  • he died at age 43
  • Leclanche first name is George, his father is Leopold LeClanch
  • he was educated in England (École centrale Paris)


LeClanche was a french engineer , in about 1866 he invented a thing called the battery that bear his name. The battery is now called a dry cell it produce in agreat quality and widely used in devices such as the flashlight and a portable radios.

LeClanche completed a technical education in 1860, he began to work as n engineer. six years later he developed what we use now the battery which contained conducting solution of ammonium chloride, a negative terminal of zinc and a positive terminal of manganese dioxide. in 1867 He gave up his job to be devoted to his invention . A year later his invention was adopted by the telegraph service of belgium . he subsequently opened a factor to produce the battery and other eletric device.

Leclanche gave his brother Maurice the buisness to take it over when he died in 1882.


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