Renewable Energy

Shalee Asche

Renewable Energy Sources!

Confused over what renewable energy is? Renewable energy is energy you can continue to use without it running out. Hydropower, wind power, solar power, and geothermal power are a few sources. These sources will not run out any time soon. These sources are used everyday and still continue to produce!

Want to Help?

Save your scene turn green!

Companies Providing!

More and more companies are beginning to provide sources. Companies such as

  • 2 Green Energy
  • 3TIER
  • Able Energy Co.
  • Admirals Bank
  • Advanced Energy Industries Inc.
  • AEG Power Solutions
  • AllEarth Renewable
  • Alt Energy Stocks
  • Alternative Matters
  • Ambient Technologies Inc
Of course all of these companies provide jobs for the public. As seen, many companies are here, just imagine all of the other companies providing elsewhere.

Different Jobs!

A senior project manager is one of the jobs you could do, located in Tennessee with a salary of 100k or more, they contain solar energy. A process engineer is located in the East Midlands with a salary of 55k-75k. Sales managers are placed in California with a salary between 100k and more, they are solar manufacturers. A solar PV engineer in Tennessee with 100k working with construction workers. Product managers in California make 110k-115k working with solar manufacturers. PV system engineers are in Chicago making 100k designing greener homes!

An efficient, new way to produce energy!