North Elementary Newsletter

December 2021

Spotlight on 2nd Grade

Content Learning

In English Language Arts, second graders are learning about fossils and paleontologists. They have been reading many informational texts about this topic and are applying their knowledge in hands-on activities. In math, students are learning how to do two-digit addition and subtraction. They are using manipulatives, such as place value disks, as a resource. In science, we are learning about plants and what they need to survive. Second graders also learned about wants, needs, goods, and services in social studies. Learning is fun in 2nd Grade!

Service Learning Project

For North Elementary 2nd Grade’s service learning project, students made cards, crafts, and “survival kit” goody bags for our local Fruitland firefighters. We enjoyed showing our appreciation for them. Thank you to all who sent in donations for this project!


Each second grade student has a Chromebook to use throughout the learning process. We have been utilizing Seesaw to post our work in a digital journal. Zearn is a great website that helps us practice our math skills. Students are also learning basic Chromebook skills, such as keyboard shortcuts and typing.


The fundraiser was a HUGE success! The students and parents really did a great job. Unfortunately, we have ran into some supply chain issues. We did have to move our pickup to December 2nd 3:00-5:00. Please mark you calendar and make arrangements to pick up your items on this date.

Inclement Weather Plans

In the event that school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, please have a plan in place for your child(ren). The school phone will be needed to stay in touch with emergency personnel. Students will not be allowed to use the phone to contact parents for instructions.

Additionally, the weather is getting colder. Please send your child with a coat (that has their name written on the inside tag) even if they are wearing a sweatshirt. While the weather is chilly, our students need breaks where they can get up and get active outside.

Lost & Found

WE HAVE LOTS OF LOST ITEMS! Please click on the following link to look at 82 individual items that are in our lost and found. If you recognize any items that might belong to your child(ren), please come claim them.

Lost and Found Slideshow

Watch click through these slides to identify your child's items.

Winter Parties

We will have winter parties in the classroom at two separate times on December 21st. We are requesting that the amount of guests per child be limited to two or less. Additionally, we are asking that siblings do NOT attend. The party is an opportunity for your child to get some individualized attention from the attending guests.

The following grade levels will have their parties at the corresponding times:



We do ask that if a student is being taken home by someone other than their parent/guardian, that a note is provided prior to the party. If the student is going home early, please include that information in the note. We do not sign out students early from school without your permission. Additionally, we would like to remind K-1 guests that others will be joining us after their party. Please be mindful that they will be looking for a parking spot so try to adhere to the time frames.

Your Donations Are Needed!

If you're looking for a way to give back to our school, please consider donating clothing. If you are looking to get rid of any clothing, we are looking for gently used clean shirts (both short and long sleeve), shorts, pants, and new (unused) underclothes for boys and girls from Kindergarten through 4th.

We never know when students may need a change of clothing due to an accident or unforeseeable events. Thank you for your consideration of our students' ever-changing needs!

Snack Rules for School

There are strict rules in regards to what foods can be brought into the classrooms from parents for birthdays and/or school parties. We can only serve foods that are purchased at a store or prepared at an establishment with health standards certification. The food must be in the original, sealed packaging with the nutrition/ingredients label visible. No homemade items can be served to students. We thank you for helping us to provide safe, healthy foods for our students.

Counselor's Corner

In December, we will continue to learn about some character education words. Charity is defined as generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. Please reinforce and demonstrate the importance of these good qualities to your children at home.

Leanne Isaac

School Counselor

Notice from our Nurse

The Big Smiles mobile dental clinic visit to North is being rescheduled for later in January 2022. We will let you know the exact date once it is finalized.

Please feel free to register your child online during this time. Website for Parents to Enroll:

A BIG thank you to all of the parents for keeping your sick child/children home so we can keep school going!!

Let’s keep up the good work!

  • Keep your child/children home with any symptoms or exposure to Covid. Here are some of the symptoms: cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste/smell, fever (> 100.0), congestion/runny nose, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, sore throat, headache, muscle aches/pains. You may want to call your healthcare provider for further instructions!

  • Jackson R2 follows a 24 hour symptoms improving/resolution plan. If your child vomits, has diarrhea, or a fever= they need to have no vomiting/diarrhea/fever for 24 hours before returning to school. With a fever that means fever free for 24 hours with NO ibuprofen (ie Motrin) or acetaminophen (ie Tylenol) given during that time.

  • With seasonal allergies/flu/and cold season amongst us it is harder to figure out what needs to be done. We feel you!! Let’s continue to do our best! If you are keeping your child home, for example, for a new onset runny nose please keep the school nurse informed if symptoms are improving or worsening (or if more symptoms appear). Your child may not have to stay home for 24 hours if this is their typical “allergy” response. The nurse can help you figure out what day your child can return to school. When in doubt- keep your child home until you know the symptoms are resolved for 24 hours (OR at least improving with symptoms like runny nose/sore throat). *Please note: If your child would be tested for Covid (for example, they had runny nose/sore throat and the hotline approved it) and they are negative they can return to school even if they are still displaying those symptoms. If new symptoms appear or their symptoms worsen and do not improve with allergy medication then you may want to contact your healthcare provider for further instruction. Again, if vomiting/diarrhea/fever you MUST be 24 hours free regardless of a negative result.

  • Please let us know if there has been an exposure to Covid (positive result) in your household. Please keep all members at home until further instruction.

  • Please let us know if you have a family member or a close contact of the family being tested for Covid. All members (close contacts) should stay home until results are known. Remember- if a family member gets tested and ends up positive the quarantine date for close contacts STARTS the day from their last exposure to the positive family member. Separate the member getting tested as soon as you can (if you are able!).

Thanks everyone!

Nurse Kimber

Art Remarks

Hello North Families! December is upon us and we are excited to be starting our holiday projects! We will be creating many seasonal mementos such as ornaments and more. Throughout each grade, we will also be creating winter landscapes, as well as three-dimensional snowflakes. These last couple of weeks are flying by, and I am very pleased to see how each of these young artists are hard at work! Happy Holidays!

Artfully yours,

Sarah Hopson

Music Notes

Our holiday concerts for K/1st and 2nd/3rd-grade students are around the corner, December 14th. The kindergarten and 1st grade concert will begin promptly at 6 pm, while 2nd and 3rd grades will begin at 7 pm. These concerts will be at the High School Auditorium so please park at the Event Center. If you have any questions please email me at

Joseph Moore

"Check Out" What's Going on in the Library

It's the time of year when we are getting ready for holiday breaks so we will be collecting our library books soon. The last week to check out will be Dec. 6-10. We are asking for students to bring their books back on Dec. 10.

Lisa Hooe


Stay on "Track" with Physical Education

Right now the students are working on their fitness and learning different things to help them be physically fit and healthy children. We finish up the semester with some Holiday games to get excited about the holidays and get fit at the same time. Thank you and I hope you and your family have a happy Holiday season!

Coach Bard

Cookie Dough Pickup

Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 3-5pm

10730 State Highway W

Jackson, MO

From 3:00-3:30 come to the back gym doors. If you have a big order, please park.

From 3:30-5:00 please come to the front doors and ring the bell.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 12am

10730 State Highway W

Jackson, MO

Flags to be flown at half-staff all day.

Kindergarten and 1st grade Holiday Concert

Sunday, Nov. 14th, 6pm

315 South Missouri Street

Jackson, MO

2nd and 3rd grade Holiday Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 14th, 7pm

315 South Missouri Street

Jackson, MO

Winter Party K thru 1st grade

Tuesday, Dec. 21st, 1:15-2pm

10730 State Highway W

Jackson, MO

Only two guests per child. No siblings.

Winter Party 2nd grade thru 4th grade

Tuesday, Dec. 21st, 2:15-3pm

10730 State Highway W

Jackson, MO

Only two guests per child. No siblings.

End of 2nd Quarter

Tuesday, Dec. 21st, 3pm

10730 State Highway W

Jackson, MO

Report cards will be emailed to addresses on file on January 7th. Please see your child's teacher if you would like a hard copy sent home.

Winter Break

Tuesday, Dec. 21st, 3pm to Monday, Jan. 3rd 2022 at 3pm

10730 State Highway W

Jackson, MO

School will not be in session from December 21, 2021 through January 3, 2022. Students return at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, January 4th.
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