Notes Culturelles

By Sanjay Khindria

Note Culturelle

The current capital of Martinique is Fort-de-France, but before 1902, the capital was the city of Saint-Pierre. Saint-Pierre was a glamorous city known as le Petit Paris of the the West Indies. But, the city was destroyed in 1902 when Mount Pelee exploded

Note Culturelle

Yoles rondes or gommies are interesting traditional fishing boats, that are also used for racing.

Note Culturelle

People speak a mixture of French and Creole in Martinique.

A few creole phrases include:

Oui/non: Ouai/Han-han

Chouette!: I bon!

D'accord: D'acco

C'est une bonne idee: Ce'an bon bagai

Note Culturelle

Carnaval is commonly celebrated in French-speaking countries globally. Festivities include parades, mock weddings, dancing, and music.

Note Culturelle

Music and dance are essential to life in Martinique. Much of the music arises from old slave songs.