Importance of Bilingual Education

By Adrianna Campos

What Being Bilingual Means to Me....

Growing up in the Hispanic community, I didn't realize how important it was being bilingual. To me, being able to speak spanish to my parents or grandparents just seemed normal. Now that I am older I am so grateful and honored to be bilingual. I have to admit I am probably more in tune with my American roots than my Hispanic culture, but just being able to communicate on a daily basis with someone who does not speak English makes me feel like I am embracing that side of me. Not only does being bilingual make me feel closer to my Hispanic roots, but looking at it from a professional stand point I have more opportunities than someone who is not bilingual. I believe all students should be given the opportunity, whether if a parent chooses or they choose, to be put into a bilingual or dual language program no matter where they come from. Better yet, I think schools should make it a requirement from elementary, to take a foreign language.

Being Bilingual Makes Us Smarter!

In an article I found in the New York Times, Why Bilinguals Are Smarter, they state being bilingual improves our cognitive skills! The article also mentions that bilingual students tend to be more adept at problem solving skills than monolingual. Studies have also shown that being bilingual or multilingual slows down dementia.
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Being Bilingual or Multilingual Is Awesome!
The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli
The benefits of a bilingual brain video