Abnormal Psychology

By: Brisa Ojeda

Define Abnormal Psychology...

The branch of psychology concerned with abnormal behavior


Abnormal psychology dates back all the way into 10000 b.c - 3,000 b.c. Some anthropologists theorize that the holes may have been drilled into the skull as a means of releasing “evil spirits” that were trapped inside the head causing abnormal behavior.

Significant People:

Hippocrates(460 – 377 B.C.) - theorized that “four humours” or bodily fluids were responsible for both physical and mental health

Weyer (1515-1588) - Wrote a book in 1563 called De Praestigiis Daemonum(The Deception of Demons) which attempted to discredit beliefs in demon possession causing abnormal behavior.

Philippe Pinel (1745-1826) - Pinel removed the chains of the people imprisoned at La Bicetre (as shown in the picture) and he argued that they must be treated as sick human beings rather than evil beasts.

My Intake...

Abnormal psychology dose not have just one clear definition. Abnormal psychology has many different perspectives and ways of understanding the human mind. Some studies will open you eyes while others will have you speechless. Abnormal psychology explores what no other person would explore.

What is normal And Abnormal...

This video helps describe the difference between normal and Abnormality.

Normal or Abnormal

Abnormal Psychology Jobs

People who specialize in abnormal psychology work in a variety of settings. Clinical psychologists, counselors, clinical social workers and psychotherapists. Some master's and doctoral level work in mental health clinics, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, in- and out-patient substance abuse facilities, schools and residential homes.

abnormal psychology tets

  • DSM - Diognostical statistical Manual - has every mental sickness known to man
  • Ask series of questions depending on your thought process
  • Brain scans - To see whats not functioning correctly