The NGAGE Student Organization

Students Involved in Community Leadership

Next Meeting: Wednesday the 17th, 5:30PM, DuSable 412

What Is NGAGE?

We are a place for those involved in the NGOLD department, the CLCE program, or anyone interested in change, to engage with the NIU and DeKalb communities and gain experience working with nonprofits, participate in community activism, and develop yourself as a strong leader.

What We Do

  • Engage with the local community, nonprofits, and organizations to create a collaborative partnership to affect positive change through volunteerism, activism, and development.
  • Provide leadership and activism opportunities for students through our Active NGAGE program coming this fall.

Join Us and Come to the Meeting!

Wednesday will be our last meeting for the semester and we have a lot to discuss! We hope to partner up with student organizations, flesh out the Active NGAGE program, develop a Bark Til Dark proposal, and plan more events for next semester. You're getting this flier because you're motivated, passionate, and would enhance this organization with all your smarts and stuff.

Get Involved on our Awesome Sites

We have a great website and an equally awesome social community. If you can't make it, no worries - just become a member of our community and, through discussions and chats, you can help out tremendously.

Oh, and don't forget to check out our friends over at NGOLD! and