What To Know


This is our main concept. This is what flows throughout your house.This will be used throughout our flyer.

Open/Close Circuits

I figured I'd throw this in right here. The open/close circuits are like open and closed roads, but backwards. Open circuits are like closed roads, they prevent the flow of current. Closed circuits are like open roads, they allow the flow of current. An open circuit is on the left, and closed on the right,
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Series Circuits

What is a series circuit, well let me tell you. It is almost like a one-way street for electricity. There are no other paths for the current to flow through. Also, if one item, such as a light bulb breaks, all the other ones go out too.

Parallel Circuit

Parallel circuits are the best way to travel, that is if you are energy. Parallel circuits are almost like a housing development, where you can go many ways. Parallel circuits allow the current to flow in many paths. Which means that when you have 2 lights on different paths, the one will stay on if the other goes out. Except for when the first thing before any other paths is a broken light, then the current stops there.

More n' More!


What is this resistance thing, lets find out! Resistance is the amount something resists the flow of current. It is measured in ohm's. The abbreviation/symbol for resistance is the Greek symbol omega(Ω).


Resistors work in very cool ways. They resist the flow of energy. Fixed resistors stick with the same amount of resistance, whilst variable resistors can fluctuate their resistance to be within a small area. This is ideal for dimmer switches.

Conductors, Insulators, and Semiconductors Oh My!


Conductors are like the tow trucks after an accident on the highway, they allow the traffic(current) to flow easily. Conductors include metals such as aluminum, gold and copper.


Insulators are the cars in the crash, they resist the flow of traffic(current). Some insulators are glass, air, plastic, rubber and wood.


These are the construction zones, they slow down the traffic(current). These are mostly used in electric devices, such as a computer or smart phone. The most common is silicon.