Friday Flash


Calendar Of Events

September 1- Lunch is open to parents

September 4- No School/Holiday

September 11- Fundraiser is due

September 21-Leadership Breakfast

September 25-29-Book Fair

From The Principal


We began our attendance competition for students. Each grading period, any student that has been at school all day, on time, and no early releases will have his/her name put into a drawing for prizes. The students also have classroom incentives.

Please have your student at school by 7:55 am.

When Visiting LSCH


Please keep the right lane open during the day. We have parents that use Powerhouse in the mornings, and they are unable to get out of the parking lot due to the right lane being blocked. Please keep the lane open from 7:00 am-2:45 pm..

Counselor's Connection

Practicing Kindness!

Parents, kindness can be very overlooked in school. Some helpful tips for your students are:

- One act of kindness can change someone’s perspective of you. In a good way!

- Kindness causes a ripple effect.

- One student’s kindness can affect many.

From the Nurse

Deciding when to keep a sick child at home from school is not always easy. The following information may help you decide when to keep your child at home.

o Fever- 100°F or higher must stay home from school for at least 24hrs

o Vomiting/diarrhea: Students must be vomit free for 24hrs before returning to school

o Reddened eye with watering and/or crusting

When in doubt, consult your child's pediatrician.

Parents as Partners

If you would like to sign up for Parents as Partners or Watch Dogs please scan the QR code below.
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