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It's Birthday Book Club Time!

It's time for the first Birthday Book Club of the year! Please check the lists I put in your mailboxes or look here for the students who donated to the Birthday Book Club for August & September. Please send these students down to the library in small groups STARTING MONDAY to pick a birthday book.

Books are added to the library collection in honor of the child's birthday (they do not keep the book). A name plate is placed in the front of the book, a letter goes home to parents, and Birthday Book Club members are recognized in the Wescott Word.

Johnny Appleseed's Birthday is 9/26

Celebrate in your class by reading a Johnny Appleseed book or listening to the Ballad of Johnny Appleseed. Read the Johnny Appleseed biography on the PebbleGo database.

Speaking of databases ...

Digital Resources from the Wescott Library

When your students are doing research, think: "Database First!" Encourage them to start their research with our paid, curated, appropriately leveled e-resources. Google is great, but with thousands and thousands of search results, it hard for students to distinguish if results are accurate and unbiased. With databases, the evaluation part is done for your students!

Last week I placed a copy of the "Digital Resources from the Wescott Library" handout in everyone's mailboxes. Need another copy? Click here. Students will be practicing using databases in library all year.

No, the Internet Has Not Killed the Printed Book. Most People Still Prefer Them.

Check out this recent article from The New York Times on reading.
  • "Even with Facebook, Netflix and other digital distractions increasingly vying for time, Americans’ appetite for reading books — the ones you actually hold in your hands — has not slowed in recent years, according to a study by the Pew Research Center."

The article goes on to say ...

  • "While 6 percent said they read books only in digital format, 38 percent said they read books exclusively in print. But 28 percent are reading a combination of digital and printed books, suggesting that voracious readers are happy to take their text however they can get it."

To meet the needs of our Wescott readers and offer a variety of books in a variety of formats, I am planning on adding some ebooks to the collection this year. Stay tuned for details ...

New Books in the Wescott Library:

Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston discuss A Child of Books Part 1

This is the last week for the origami bookmark maker space!

This is the last week for the origami bookmark maker space! I will be introducing a new project in October, so if you kids haven't had a chance to work on the current project, please send them down this week!

REMINDER: Please only send 2 students from your class at a time so there is enough room at the table for kids from every class at your grade level. Students should come with their OWN pass, and know when they need to return to class. Thanks!

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