Do you want good credit?

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What is it?

Credit is the capability of a client to obtain products before payment, trusting them that it will eventually be paid.

Credit score tells the lender if you can be trusted to pay them back when you borrow


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Why is it important?

Credit is important because it gives you many privileges.

  • getting a job
  • buying a house
  • buying a house
  • starting a business

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Range of credit scores

Excellent credit = 720 and above

Good credit = 660 to 719

Fair credit = 620 to 659

Poor/bad credit = 619 and below

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How can i improve my credit score?

Bank of America: How to Build Better Credit

How to maintain a good credit score?

  • don't open a lot of accounts at once
  • watch your credit report
  • keep old accounts opened
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