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Media Center Newsletter 4/16/21

Busy Busy Week

Greetings Wildcats!

This week has been positively packed from the first bell on Monday to the last bell today. MAP testing across the building. 8th grade has two more days ahead of them and then our in-seat Wildcats will be done. Our Virtual students will begin in May.

Bit by bit we are all adjusting to being in the building all of us together and five days a week. The hallways have been a little chaotic. Though it may seem like a small thing, paying attention to how students move from class to class is incredibly important. Traffic flows smoothly when everyone walks on the right side of the hallway, with at least one foot on the colored tile. More hallway etiquette tips are listed below.

Each day brings us more sunshine, new lessons, and growing excitement for the coming of summer. Let's all focus on enjoying the next number of weeks together. The Media Center will allow book checkout until the middle of May. Please come check out our new titles, there really is something for everyone. If you know there is an amazing book that somehow we do not yet have, tell me about it and I will order it. I LOVE book recommendations from students.

Wildcat Media Center Crew

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