9th College and Career

Quarter 3 Meeting - February 1st

4 Year Plans

Today during Advisory, students were introduced to the concept of a 4 Year Plan. While using a career goal as a guide, students were walked through their high school class options that would help them in their future career.

Over the next couple of weeks, students will be making a 4 Year Plan on Career Cruising. Students were encouraged to choose elective courses that would help them get to their goal.

Common Goals:

  1. College Ready - 4 years of English, 4 years of Math, 2 years of Foreign Language, 3 years of Science (especially Chemistry), 3 years of Social Sciences.
  2. Improve College Readiness Scores (ACT or SAT) - same as College Ready, and Literature Independent Study to improve vocabulary.
  3. Medical field of study - Advanced Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry
  4. Agriculture field of study - as many Ag classes as possible, Advanced Biology, and Chemistry

Parents :To make or change a 4 Year Plan (these plans belong to the student, and can be changed at ANY time) students log onto their Career Cruising account.

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