Technology Class

by:Emma Blackburn

Typing Web

  • It helps me get started for the class
  • I learened that I can learn how to tipe in a 6th grade level
  • If we do it everyday for 5 minuts we can tipe faster


  • Its a really fun way to do a project on
  • You get to make a trailer about what ever you want
  • Some peaple are shy and dont weant to talk you can just show a video and not talk

Haiku Deck

  • You can add as much stuff you want there is no limet
  • I found a good thing to do my projects on in difforent classes
  • The thing I dont like that you have to talk infront of everyone

Explain Everything

  • You can video tape yourself reading what you tiped
  • I like that you can use a pointer finger to show what you are talking about
  • They should make it a little bit easyer to delete the recording

Career Locker

  • I like it becouse it gives you ideas of what you want to be when you get older
  • Find what college to go to
  • How much money you will get from a gob
  • Good information about that job


  • A fun way to learn how to code
  • Fun to do out of class too
  • difforent codes you can do
  • helps you learn cods

Thanks To You

All of these things can help you learn about something or do out of school. Also to get you ready for when you get to go to college and live your life the way you want to. We thank who helps us thearn things in fun ways so when we go into the world we can be papared.