Rich Hill

In the life of three young teenagers


All of the kids that were viewed all have hard lives and chose to stay positive and not give up and still keep going forward.


The big idea of this film was to be in the shoes of three young teenagers living in poverty. You have three different kids and the kids all live it different situations, they try and make it positive and not be different to other kids even though they live in poor conditions. The film explains each kid in their daily life routine and what they have to go through day in and day out.

Example 1

The film was a great way of displaying poverty in these young boys lives by giving them each a divided amount of time to share their life story. The director got their hobby's and things they do in their daily life.

Example 2

Another example of how the film was good is the director just didn't get the kids he got everyone around the kids he got the whole family's of the kids. To give more views of how they live from day to day.

Example 3

An example of how the film wasn't as great as it could have been was the constant switch between all of the teenagers. They could have did one by one and made everyone's life more clear instead of doing all three at the same time.


I feel inspired due to this film because if the kids can think positive while living in poverty anyone else can to. It has a positive impact on me because I like the idea that they are still going strong even though they all have rough living conditions. It has kept my mind the same that kids in poverty should be helped at any cost. I have a new perspective because now I know what kids in poverty have to go through.