Tradigital Classroom

A dual platform English Class

What it is

A class where content/assignments are presented using paper and digital means. Students receive the unit organizer and assignments in a packet. They also have access on the class Edmodo site within the class folders. Students can retrieve and submit assignments using cell phones or computers. Students can use the paper option or the digital option or mis and match.

Why Dual Platform?

This is a method to engage students while developing their technology skills. Students learn to use technology as a tool instead of entertainment. Also, students tend to lose paper copies of assignments, calendars and agendas. By accessing the Edmodo class, everything is online for their use.

Web 2.0 Applications Used in this Class

Am I required to have internet at home?

No, all documents are provided on paper and 40+ minutes of each class period is dedicated to work time to help students succeed.

What about the textbooks?

We have a classroom set of both textbooks (literature and grammar) as well as a link to the online version.

What if I left my handout at school?

You can access the class information at our Edmodo site, or you can sign up for text reminders at All you need is an account and the password.

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