by; Neptali Ramirez

Images of Poseidon

Greek Mythology : POSEIDON

Paragraph about Poseidon

The reason i choose Poseidon is because i really like water and stories about Atlantis. I also have very deep affection horses and dolphins.

Things about Poseidon

Name: Poseidon


Also Know As: god of the sea

Roman Name: Neptune

Mother: Rhea

Father: Cronus

Children: Aloes,Ampheres,Mykos,Atlas,Belos,Khioss

Spouse: Amphitrite


1.Poseidon created the first horse.

2. Zeus and Hades are his brothers.

3. He can cause tempests and earthquakes.

4. He was second to Zeus in power.

5. Poseidon appears with long blue hair.

6. Poseidon has 5 siblings 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

7. Poseidon;s anger is linked to earthquakes.

8.Poseidon can control both salt and fresh water.

9. Nerus,the old sea god, doesn't get along with Poseidon.

10. Poseidon spends most of his time underwater.