Party with the Pigs!

party with the pigs under the not so stern auditorium!

Life would be a "BOAR" without a little partying!

Come to the Stern School of Business auditorium in the storage spaces! We will eat, dance and act like pigs all through the night!

Come join us for the time of your life!

It will be the pig party of the year! So come on down to the Stern School of Business and Don't worry, we aren't stern at Stern! We like to have fun! There will be food, beverages, games and more!

The Hosts:

Don't Be "Stern," let loose and PARTY!!!

Additional Info:

Where: The Stern School of Business

When: 11/10/15 Promptly @ 8:00 p.m. (if you are late-no cake for you.)

What: -Presents aren't necessary (but they are preferred)

-Food and drinks will be provided (please contact the hosts to notify them of any allergies)

Recreation: -Mud pit

-Slop eating contest

-Guess that farm animal (by sound)

-Pin the tail on the pig

-Herding the pigs contest (who can herd the "pigs" into the pen the fastest?!)

Extra: Please RSVP by 11/1/15

Megan Christensen (party manager)

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 8:30pm

The Stern School of Buisness

End time:

The party will end when you end! Just kidding, in other words, the party will end when the guests believe it should end (everyone needs to be out by 10:30 pm at the most...) :)