Inherit the Wind

Authors: Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee


Bertram Cates, a teacher, awaits his trial behind bars after teaching his students about evolution. Even after a co-worker, minister's daughter Rachel Brown, tried to convince that he had done wrong, he hadn't changed his mind. In this town of Hillsboro everybody is talking. Matthew Brady, religious lawyer, comes to "save the day" for the town's people. In the ends up winning the trial, yet it is a hollow one. Cates gets minimal punishment leaving Brady with a mental breakdown.

Background on the Authors

Meeting in 1942 in New York both Lee and Lawrence instantly clicked. Although their most well know pieces were the ones they do together they also wrote pieces on their own. Both grew up within 30 miles of each other and served in the army. The two worked with each other for over five decades until Lee's death in 1998.

Scopes Monkey Trial

John Scopes, a young biology teacher in Dayton, is accused of wrongfully teaching his students about evolution. Followed by a defense team they went to trial in July of 1925. Nearly 1000 people were packed into the courtroom. After a long trial Scopes lost but only with a $100 fine. Bryan, the "winning" side, was denied a speech and later died in his sleep. The trial was reviewed but ignored because they didn't want to keep the bizarre case going.