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December 18, 2014


With the Christmas break just around the corner, final preparations are being made for the next stage of SD34's MyEducationBC roll-out. The STaRT team is looking forward to a smooth rollout to elementary schools.

Starting in January:

  • Elementary Clericals will receive essential MyEdBC training coordinated by Alison Reeves
  • STaRT Education (David Ennis, Deirdre Degagne and Gary Toews) will begin training Elementary teachers
  • BCESiS will cease to be operational
A steering committee consisting of Donna Wright, Cameron Friesen, Faye Christie and Bonnie Iftody will be serving to help with communication and logistics.

Featured Video: Editing Marks and Comments

Entering marks and Comments Part 2 - Comments

MyEdBC Tips

Maintain Privacy

Do not share your username and password for MyEducationBC with anyone. Make sure you never log in as yourself and allow others to use your account.

Click here to access the MyEdBC Privacy Training Site

Tip submitted by Alison Reeves - Clerical Trainer

Don't Just Google It!

If you Google "MyEdBC" instead of going to there is a chance that you will arrive at the wrong login page. You can be confident you are logging into the correct MyEdBC by bookmarking in your browser. Learn more about bookmarking websites using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Tip submitted by Derrick Anderson, one of the talented members of the MyEDHelp Team.

Coping With Change

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Merry Christmas from STaRT

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