Miller's Minutes

Eisenhower Middle School

June 23, 2017

This Week Ahead

6/22--> Step-Up & Dance 6-9 (Teachers Should Arrive by 5:30)

Last Day For Students

6/23--> Staff Breakfast

Faculty Meeting

Last Day For Staff

Tanks, Congrats, & Best Wishes

Tanks to youse all. I appreciate the hard work and effort that you all have put forth to make this year memorable for our kids.

Tanks to all of our staff that assisted at the Step Up ceremony and dance. The parents and students were also grateful for you attendance.

Congrats & good luck to Phil Moskowitz and his Solar Car guys (Charlie Nino & Marc Anthony Scalera).

Congrats and best wishes to our soon to be daddy--> Seby.

Congrats to our brides to be--> Jess Harrison, Kristin Iacobino, Christina Nunes.

Best wishes to Deb Baxter, enjoy retirement.

Best Wishes and thank you to Alicia Semeraro, Jill Bowne, and Stephanie Cucinella.

EOY Survey

Below is the link for the end of the year survey. Please take some time to reflect on the year and provide us with feedback. You can do it now, or you can wait a few weeks and I will send the link again. Sometimes a little time away lets you think with a little more clarity.


  • Fines--> Please be diligent when dealing with student fines. Make sure the appropriate forms are filled out.
  • Grades--> Your grades should have been submitted. If you need to fix anything, get that done ASAP.
  • Exit interviews--> So, that idea did not turn out the way I was hoping it would. However, if you would like to come in any day over the summer, I would love to chat.
  • Construction--> Here is what we have going on this summer . . .Gym Floor, 3 new Science Labs, Security Vestibule, Courtyard stuff. With that said, most of our building will be off limits this summer. We will be stationed in the ELC if you do choose to visit.
  • EOY--> The End of Year sign out has been shared with you. EO will come to you to sign you out.

Challenge Yourself

I am asking you all to find a way to challenge yourself this summer. Read a scholarly article every couple of weeks. Find new resources you can implement, or research new pedagogical approaches. You are excellent educators, lets get even better.

Have a great summer.

End of Year Video

You know I like to end the week with a giggle. I would love to end the school year with a couple laughs. So, take a gander at the video below. If you like Jimmy Kimmel you may have seen this already. Either way, it'll give you a smile.
Jimmy's YouTube Challenge - Waking Kids Up for School in Summer