Return of the Measles

Brittny Trammell March 16, 2015


There is a new fear of vaccination, that is causing an outbreak of measles throughout the states. Parents fear the vaccine and parents fear the disease and this is causing bills and laws to pop up, either requiring a child to be vaccinated or make it to where their parents decide. Children who are already sick are facing disease that their body can not fight away, like Rylee, these kids are put in life threatening situations because of a lack of vaccination.
  • The U.S. vaccination rate is lower than Bangladesh.
  • 146,000 people died worldwide due to the measles in 2013.
  • The measles vaccination in 97% effective.
  • 28% of measles cases of young children will end up hospitalized.
This is used in the real world to help people decide if vaccination of their child is the right or wrong decision for them. This article gives them facts and statistics about the affect of measles on unvaccinated children.
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