Be a Federalist


Federalist are people that support the Federalist Party

We will tank without our bank.

This is referring to the national bank that was denied.

Leaders of the Federalists

We favored the assuming of the state's debt.

It is not the states fault for the damage that was caused in their states so why should they pay for it.

We wanted to create the National Bank

This was one of the main ideas in Alexander Hamilton's plan.

We sided with the British during the French Revolution.

If you want to get involved and lose a big relationship with a big trader go ahead and join the Democratic-Republicans. The question was Trade or War, we picked trade.

We thought a strong national government was necessary.

If you don't have a strong national government your country would become divided and it would fall apart.

We made the Alien and Sedition Acts.

These were made to silence the newspapers and weaken the Democratic-Republicans.

We opposed the war with Britain in 1812.

We thought that the war would hurt the country and that there was no need for the war.

This was created by David James