Belly Up by Stewart Gibbs

This book is about a hippo who lives in a zoo, and dies....

Spokesmodel of Fun Jungle is dead!

Teddy grew up in Africa, so he knew all things animals. His parents were offered a job at Fun Jungle theme park in Texas. This was a zoo but also had restaurants, rides, and everything was as perfect as perfect gets. Caves that looked like real caves, different levels on every exhibit, and had more animals than any other zoo in the world. The star of the whole zoo was Henry the Hippo. He did not have a very good reputation because he loved to bite people and shoot poop at the tourists. But when he turns up dead, the whole country is shocked. Teddy snuck into the autopsy of Henry and found out that the doctor thinks he was murdered. So Teddy starts to investigate. Was Henry really murdered? Find out if Teddy unlocks the secrets.

Henry had lots of enemies. He was a very cranky hippo who worked in a circus before. Lots of people have motive to kill him.