The Boy Who Saved Baseball

by: John H. Ritter

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The theme of this book is that even if you are bad at something, if you work at it and are dedicated to it, you can get better at it. Never give up for some silly reason!

Maria Flores

I think Maria is like my friend Sixta because they are both determined. They both know that girls can do anything. Maria is important in the story because without her they would have to forfiet the big game.


Tom has changed because at first he was shy and quiet and now he has learned to use his voice when he needs to. He has become more aware of things around him. He probably does not even know what to do with all that money.


The climax of the book is when Doc died. He was a great man. It was very sad and happy at the same time. They were happy when they won but devastated when Doc died. They did not really notice him at first. I think if they would have noticed him right away, they could have saved him.

My Hero

My hero is my dad. He is always there for me. He is doing everything he can to help so we can move to Pipestone. It costs a lot of money driving back and forth every day. He is definitely my hero. He works every day for long hours at a time just to get enough money.