A Trip Back to Old Day Riverside

Quinton Buckley, per 5

Artistic Picture

There is 21 Spanish Missions in California. I sadly couldn't find the significance to the United States :((

Raincross Bell

The Raincross Bell is on Riverside's city flag and streets. Frank Miller is given credit for creating it. But it is also an ancient Native American symbol for the dragonfly.

Booker T Washington Bust

Booker T Washington was an African American activist, he also founded Tuskegee University. Booker thought that black would gain equality through hard work and gain respect. DuBois believed that blacks should have equality without working for it. He believed that they deserved it.

Cool Picture of the Mission Inn

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Riverside Art Museum

6 of My Favorite Artworks!

Fox Theater

Movie experiences back then are way different from the ones today. Movies back then were silent and were in black and white. In movies today people talk and go on their phones.