Applying to Thomas Jefferson HS

2022 - 2023 School Year

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Rippon Families,

The application window for Thomas Jefferson High School will be opening up near the end of October.

Thomas Jefferson High School is a regional governor’s school that is located in Alexandria, VA – and is part of Fairfax County Public Schools.

Because Prince William County is a participating jurisdiction, students attending Rippon Middle School are eligible to apply IF THEY MEET THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply

- Students must be in the 8th grade

- Students must be taking at least Honors Algebra I or higher level Math class

(Rippon Students taking Advanced Algebra I and Geometry meet the requirement)

- Students must be taking an Honors* Science class

(*For PWCS, we get a division wide waiver for the honors science since our schools don’t offer such a course.)

- Students must be taking one additional Honors class.

(For Rippon students, this would be Extended Language Arts)

- Students must have a 3.5 overall core class GPA (Based on end of the year 7th grade marks, and Q1 of 8th grade)

Completing the Application

1. Please keep in mind that applications must be started by the student, where in they will enter a parent/guardian e-mail address.

2. Parents will then be invited to create their paired parent account.

3. Once that piece is complete, I (the Liaison counselor) will need to verify your student’s math placement. I ask that you please give me 24-48 hours to complete this process.

4. Once that has been done, you will be notified that you can log back in and complete the application.

Important Notes

There is currently no application fee to apply to TJ, and the “TJ Test” has been eliminated.


2022 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Admissions Overview for Rising Freshmen
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Important Note!

Because I will need to verify all student's math placement as part of the application process, the last day to BEGIN the application will be WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16th!


Part II of the Application Process

Once students have completed the online application, they will enter the next phase of the application process.

Students will be asked to complete a “Portrait of a Student Graduate” sheet, and also a student essay, on Saturday, February 4th.

This will take place in a proctored setting In-Person at a location within Prince William County.

Allocation of Seats and Acceptances

Each public school within Fairfax County and each cooperating school division will be presumptively allocated a number of seats equal to 1.5% of that school’s 8th grade student population (“Allocated Seats”).

All remaining public school applicants and applicants who do not attend public school in Fairfax County or in a cooperating division will be considered for the Unallocated Seats, which will be offered to the highest evaluated applicants in that group.

Student will be notified of one of three acceptance decisions by the end of April:

-Offered Admission

-Placed on the Waitlist

-Not offered admission

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Contact Information

TJ Admission Office Contact Information:

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Phone: 571-423-3770

Fax: 571-423-3777


Rippon Liaison Counselor: Mr. Davison

E-Mail Address: