The Serenity Studio

at Heartspace

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What is The Serenity Studio?

Inspired by the overwhelming success of The Healing Room at Heartspace, The Serenity Studio provides a more spacious area for increased movement, and a wider range of therapeutic activity for Heartspace clients. This room is approximately triple the size of The Healing Room, offering the opportunity to stretch and move, expanding the incorporation of yoga and movement therapies such as tai chi in your healing program.

The Serenity Studio is furnished to provide rest and recuperation opportunities, including rocking and swivel chairs for use in self-soothing activities.

Sound Programming

A stereo system with wireless headphones enables immersion in healing music and sound selections.

Serenity Studio Rates

  • 30 minutes of Serenity Studio Time - $10
  • 60 minutes of Serenity Studio Time - $15
  • 90 minutes of Serenity Studio Time - $20
  • 120 minutes of Serenity Studio Time - $25

Schedule time in The Serenity Studio by Contacting Bruce or using the online scheduler.

The Serenity Studio at Heartspace - Rules

Be safe.

You may lock the doors on both sides of the room while you use the Serenity Studio.

Choose ABS (or not).

You may turn the stereo on or off and adjust the volume of Ocean Crossover, the Alternating Bilateral Stimulation recording. Please do not use any other controls on the stereo.

Bring a snack or beverage.

You may bring your own snack or beverage. Please make sure you keep things neat and clean.

Leave it as you found it.

Use care with all items so that they may be reused again and again by others in healing. Return all items to where they were at the start of your visit.

Keep the products of your project.

Bring any drawings or cards, tokens, etc. that are part of your project home with you, and to your next appointment with your therapist.

Be prompt.

The Serenity Studio will allow 30 minutes between the end of one session and the beginning of the next. This allows you just a bit of extra time to tidy up and leave the room after your time and the next person a little cushion of time to arrive early and settle in.

Make a Payment for Serenity Studio Time.

You can make a payment online via PayPal for Serenity Studio Time at Bruce Heresy's website, or make a cash or check payment by dropping the payment in the Heartspace mailbox on the wall immediately to your right as you enter the building. Cash payments should be in an envelope marked 'Serenity Studio from (your name)'. Checks should be made out to Bruce Hersey, and can be simply dropped into the box.