Kindergarten News

Weekly Updates from Ms. Bradshaw's Classroom :)

Writer's Workshop

This week, we continued to learn how to be a writer through writer's workshop! On Monday, we focused on our drawings. We talked about how writers draw pictures to tell their narrative by going back and forth between the picture in their mind and what is on their paper, capturing every detail of their narrative for their readers. On Tuesday, we talked about how writers label everything in their drawings by saying the word they want to write slowly over and over, again listening for the first sound. When they hear that sound they put the letter that matches that sound on their paper. If they do not know the letter, they can represent that sound with a mark on their paper. On Thursday, we focused our writing and tried to write about a time we did something with a person we love. On Friday, we talked about how writers stretch out words by saying each one slowly, writing down the letter that represents the first sound. Then they say the word again and again, getting down a letter for each sound they hear after the first. They've been doing great work!! So proud!

Reader's Workshop

On Monday, we learned that readers take care of their books by turning the pages gently, from the top right corner and slowly turning the page. They choose books by checking out the front cover, back cover, and title page of each book. On Tuesday, we discussed out to be partner readers. As independent readers. students sit back to back to back in their chairs. During partner reading, students turn their chairs next to each other, put the book in between them, and discuss the book between the two of them! Then, on Thursday, we talked about how readers tell their stories (using the pictures) to a partner, and how they notice how the story on the pages moves from left-to-right and page to page. Lastly, on Friday, we practiced reading the words top to bottom, left to right, page by page! Super job, readers!


Ms. Bradshaw has been pulling students one on one for individual math assessment data.


Our Fundations focus this week was on b & f. We reviewed letter t.

To write b:

  • 1. Start to the sky line
  • 2. Go Down to the Grass Line
  • 3. Trace up to the plane line and around to the grass line
  • 4. Say b, bat, /b/ and have students repeat.
To write f:

  • 1. Start to the sky line
  • 2. Trace back on the sky line and then pack down to the grass line
  • 3. Cross it on the plane line
  • 4. Say f, fun, /f/ and have students repeat.

We also brainstormed a list of words that go with each word!

On Friday, we went digging for buried letters in our rice box! We also did a pirate letter sort! Aaaarghhh!

Social Studies

We have been working hard on our All About Me Books this week! We'll finish up with them next week and hopefully send them home to you soon :)


Thanks for making Pirate Day a success! The kids LOVED it :) While we may not have much of a voice after all of the "AAAARGHHHH"ing we did all day, we all really enjoyed ourselves.

Also- It was WONDERFUL getting to know many of you at Back to School Night :) Thanks for coming and hearing all about the fun things we do in Kindergarten. It's going to be a great year!!!

September 25th- Scholastic Orders Due (TODAY)

September 25th- Scrapbook Pages Due (TODAY)- You can send it in Monday if you forgot :)

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