The Southern Colony

By: Sydney Munch ( The Best Writer)


The Southern colony is a moist warm climate. So it has rich soil and great water. The land is flat so its great for farming. You could grow cash crops, tobacco or rice. But if you don't want to be a farmer you could be a plantations, be in the military, or a hunter, even a builder. You could also buy a slave to do your work. There are many land forms there like the broad rivers. That are perfect for transportation. Or mountains. The southern colonies were Catholics. Unlike the Middle colony they do not believe in freedom of religion. The Southern Colony had an early settlement. They came In 1585 and 1670. In 1585 they were sent here by Queen Elizabeth to find riches. In 1670 they also came to find money. Come live in the Southern colony.


The life in the southern colonies is great. Here's someone who thinks so.

What do you like best about the Southern Colonies?

That I have slaves to do my work for me and I don't haft to work.

How do you like the Southern Colonies?

Its my favorite place to live.

Do you recommend living here?

Yes. But if you are not Catholic don't come.

Do you like the the jobs there?

Yes. I own 3 slaves.

What can you sell?

Anything that you grow or make.

The colonies

Jamestown, Virgina