6th Grade Newsletter

September 28 - October 8th

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9/30/20: Interims will be posted to Focus. If your child is missing a grade (has a 0, NG, or blank), shoot us an e-mail. We can schedule a time for them to take the assessment.

10/1/20: Thursday GSP begins - Students will be picked up from the classroom.

10/7/20: Walk To School Day

10/09/20: Next 6th Grade Team Newsletter

There will be a team newsletter every other week sent on Friday.

Mr. Zgonc communicates on his website.

Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Rumph communicate on Bloomz or through e-mail almost daily.

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Math: Classroom Connection

Hello from the Math World!

Over the next few weeks we are starting into Chapter 2 and what fun it will be! We will be tackling multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. Then we head into division of fractions and mixed numbers. Also, we will be computing decimals throughout all 4 computations! I told you it was going to be fun…if our child is struggling with their basic computational facts, this chapter will be a bumpy one for them!

Remember on my website I have Xtra Math linked…this is a great place to start for your kids to learn or relearn their facts!


ELA: Classroom Connection

9/28 - 10/02:

Vocabulary - Lesson 3, prefixes de- ,and dis-.

(Vocabulary list can be found in Google Classroom)

Writing - Narrative writing skills.

We will practice writing introductions, adding dialogue to enhance our writing, and work on effective conclusions, among other skills.

10/05 - 10/09:

Comprehension – Focus skill, determining the meaning of words and phrases in a text (including figurative and connotative meanings) through the use of both fiction and informational texts.

Vocabulary- Lesson 4, root words aud, audi, and prefix anti-

Upcoming Tests

Monday, 9/28 – “Should Homework be Banned?”

  • Article Comprehension test and Summarizing Skill test

Friday, 10/02 - Vocabulary Quiz

  • Personal Narrative due date is currently TBD

S.S: Classroom Connection

Topic: From Hunters to Gatherers to Farmers

Students will learn how the Neolithic development of agriculture led to a stable food supply, permanent shelters, larger communities, specialized jobs, and trade.

Essential Question:

How did the development of agriculture change daily life in the Neolithic Age?

Vocabulary Words:

Paleolithic Age, Neolithic Age, Fertile Crescent, Catal Hoyuk, domesticate, agriculture, nomad, trade, resource


Africa and the Middle East


Students will go outside to complete this activity. There will be different groups of students that act as hunters, gatherers, and farmers. They will complete specific tasks outdoors and then discuss the pros and cons of each job.

Upcoming Quiz:

10/07/20 (Tentatively) Lesson 3: From Hunters to Gatherers to Farmers

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Sci: Classroom Connection

Topic: Physical Science

Essential Questions:

What is energy? How is energy transferred and conserved between objects or systems? What forces are related to energy?


energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, mechanical energy, sound energy, thermal energy, electric energy, radiant energy, nuclear energy


Egg Drop Demo

Rubber Band Demo

Upcoming Quiz:

Tuesday 10/6 - Forms of Energy

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Welcome to Physical Science

Attention Parents of Brick and Mortar Students

In the unlikely event that your child is not able to attend school due to an extended illness or COVID precautions, we are able to accommodate them in our eLearning classes for the time being. You would simply have them use the ZOOM code below to enter into our classes online. Keep in mind this opportunity is reserved for only those that have a situation where they are NOT able to attend school. Also, you will need to contact one of your teachers letting us know that your child will be requesting eLearning for that day. Once administration permission has been received your child may join eLearning.

If you have any questions about our policy, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you,

Mrs. Rumph Mrs. Wallace Mr. Zgonc

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Contact Information

Mr. Zgonc (6th Grade Math)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46845

Mrs. Rumph (6th Grade ELA)


321-433-0050 Ext. 46846

Mrs. Wallace (6th Grade S.S. & SCI)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46834