Energy Depletion

the effects

What Are The Effects

* Humans are probably the biggest cause of climate change because people burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas

*Humans began using fossil fuels in the 18th century that's when earth's climate started to change

*If people don't stop burning fuel then we will not be able to breath and we won't be able to grow crops

*There is around 500,000,000 cars gushing out smoke and poisonous gases.

*We are already using 2 to 3 times more of earths natural resources

what does this problem relate to other problems

*if we don't stop burning fuel then crops won't be fresh and we won't be able to breath well

*it effects the air because cars gush out gases so it goes into the air and makes air pollution.

the top 3 resources that are being depleted

1: Water

* Only 2.5 percent of water is fresh

* The depletion of water is more serious than the oil depletion.

2: Oil

*Oil reserves are a non-renewable resource

*Oil accounts for 40 percent of all energy we use

3: forests

* An estimated 18 million acres are cut down each year

* Half of the worlds forests were cut down

* Trees produce air that we breath

* Forests are the homes of millions of animals

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By: Patrick Tomczyk