South Africa



South Africa is a country in minerals such as Diamonds,Platnum,Gold,Iron etc.

They have 5 Mayjor animals.

They have 3 Diffrent Cultures.

And 3 diffrent Mayjor landforms.


They belived that death came from a camelion eating out of a forbidden berry bath like adam and eve eating in the garden of edin they have uniqe foods and vegtables native to the country. INTRESTING FACT: They often marinate there meat for 3 days.

The 3 Mayjor Animals

Mayjor Landforms

Platues Mountains Deserts

The First is Platues often found in the more desert areas.

The Second is Mountains often found to the north where plates collide.

The Third is Deserts often located in the deserts with platues to the west.

They also have beaches to the south we they often export goods